Caloric Restriction Benefits Without Eating Less Food

Luigi Cornaro

It has been known for some time that reducing caloric intake tends to lengthen lifespan and improve overall health. The history of caloric restriction goes all the way back to Luigi Cornaro a nobleman who lived during the 1400’s. At the age of 40 he was suffering from failing health so he began eating less to see if that would help. As a result he recovered his health, stayed on the limited diet, and lived to be 102 years old. Of course that was an amazing achievement back when the average lifespan was only 40 to 50 years. He even wrote several books on the subject which have been translated into English.

In modern animal studies that have been conducted on caloric restriction those that were given a lower calorie diet still received the same nutrient intake of vitamins, minerals, EFA’s, amino acids, etc., but ate food with less calories. The increase in lifespan was significant in many of the studies with the restricted animals living as much as 30% – 40% longer. The results were an increase in both average and maximum lifespan as well as better health.

While it is not possible to do a scientific test of lifespan on humans it is expected that it would have a similar effect. Of course few people would not want to go through life hungry all the time even if they knew they would live a much longer lifespan.

Is there a way to achieve the benefits of caloric restriction without eating less food? Scientists have discovered that reducing calories up regulates the SIRT1 gene. What is interesting is that resveratrol has a similar effect on SIRT1. The problem is that resveratrol has a very short half life of about 14 – 17 minutes. Because it degrades so rapidly it has limited effect on humans and animals.

Is there a better way to up regulate SIRT1? The solution is to take resveratrol analogs. They have half lives that are hours long and so can reach cells deep in the human body and continue to be active for a much longer time. So by taking resveratrol analogs it is possible that many of the benefits of caloric restriction can be achieved without limiting calories.

Stem Cell 100 and Stem Cell 100+ both contain resveratrol anaologs. That is just one example of the multi-pathway approach that was taken by Dr. Villeponteau to formulate supplements that act on many different anti-aging and regenerative mechanisms at the same time.