Burn More Fat by Exercising at the Right Time of Day

Exercise can provide many health benefits, but a new study correlates how well our bodies respond to exercise depending on the time of day when we work out. To uncover these effects, researchers ventured to understand the relationship between biosynthesis and fat burning in relation to different times of day.

The researchers studied mice after a high intensity physical activity session at two points across their daily cycle- early active phase and a rest period (mimicking late morning/evening for humans). Through examining markers for fat metabolism as well as analyzing gene expression within adipose tissue after exercise, the research promised insight into how the time of day affects our body’s ability to metabolize energy.

The study suggests that exercising in the late morning could be far more beneficial for people looking to burn fat than evening exercises. It was found that physical activity at an early active phase increases key genes associated with adipose breakdown, heat production and mitochondria cell performance. These are all signs of higher metabolism levels. These effects were only seen in mice who exercised during this period; indicating it may not just stimulate weight loss but also improve overall health.

Humans and mice might be more similar than we think. They share many underlying physiological processes, making them a dependable model for human biology. Still, it’s worth noting that there are some distinct differences – most notably the fact that mice naturally prefer nighttime activity over daytime.

It appears that when we exercise may be just as important to our well-being as the how. Studies suggest timing is key in enabling us to gain maximum health benefits from physical activity. However, further research is needed before any definitive conclusions can be drawn about its implications for humans.

These findings could be extremely beneficial for athletes or everyday people looking to make effective changes through physical fitness.

To view the original scientific study click below:
Time of day determines postexercise metabolism in mouse adipose tissue