What Type of Diet Decreases your Cancer Risk?

Extensive research from recent years has revealed the influential impact lifestyle choices have on cancer development and progression. While smoking is a well-known culprit, your diet can also influence your fate. Making poor dietary choices can spark a host of problems linked to cancer, like type 2 diabetes, that has been proven to substantially raising risks of certain cancers.

Analyzing the scientific literature, the experts have delved into the renowned Mediterranean diet, the transformative Keto diet, and Plant-based diets to study the powerful relationship between these dietary approaches with cancer prevention and treatment.

In a groundbreaking study, 114 women battling breast cancer were closely observed. The results were staggering. Those who adhered to the Mediterranean diet had smaller tumor sizes, no nodular metastases, and improved survival rates. Another study involving a large cohort of approximately 10,000 women found occurrences of breast cancer were remarkably lower in those who followed the Mediterranean diet compared to those adhered to a Western diet. The Western diet is characterized by its high consumption of processed meals, whole-fat dairy, red meat and fast foods. Whereas the Mediterranean diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains seems to be an effective shield against breast cancer.

And there’s even more evidence supporting the merits of the Mediterranean diet. A study tracking 1,017 patients compared to a control group revealed participants who followed the Mediterranean diet for 5 years before their breast cancer diagnosis had a reduced risk of developing breast cancer. Not only that, but their average tumor size was smaller. Adherence to the Mediterranean diet was found to reduce the chances of developing gastric cancer by a staggering 68%.

Research conducted by the same team reveals the incredible potential of a Keto diet in combating breast cancer. In two linked studies, participants with breast cancer who followed a Keto diet experienced significant reductions in the size of tumors and increased overall survival rates. Not only that, but indicators of inflammation were also found to improve. And a groundbreaking intervention study suggests that incorporating keto diets alongside chemotherapy can extend survival periods for cancer patients.

The effect of a Plant-based diet on breast cancer was also explored. Remarkably, consuming a healthy Plant-based diet was found to greatly reduce development of the disease. When it comes to colorectal cancer, plant-based diets have a remarkable effect on long-term survival rates. A comprehensive study of 1,404 colorectal cancer survivors revealed a significant reduction in mortality rate after seven years of following a plant-based diet. While the quality of the diet plays a role, even slight improvements in diet choices show promising results.

By being mindful of our lifestyle choices, we can actively reduce the risks associated with this devastating disease.

To view the original scientific study click below:
The Impact of Modern Dietary Practices on Cancer Risk and Progression: A Systematic Review