New Shipping Method for Life Code Orders

For over 10 years Life Code used USPS Priority Mail for most of our shipping. It worked great with detailed tracking and most orders were delivered within 3 business days in the US. During the last few months USPS has become very slow with limited tracking. Some people who used to receive their order within 3 days had to wait 2-3 weeks. In addition the limited tracking made it difficult to estimate when it would be delivered.

As a result we have switched to FedEx which is much faster, more reliable and includes detailed tracking. For people that use a PO box for their shipping address FedEx has SmartPost where they ship to a regional location and then transfer it to the Post Office for final delivery. It is not as fast, but still better than USPS Priority Mail. The cost for FedEx or SmartPost is the same $6.95 as we previously charged for USPS Priority Mail.

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