Scientists Say They Will Soon Extend Human Lifespan Well Beyond 120 Years

Each new paradigm goes through three stages. The first is outright rejection, the second is discussion and the third is when it is accepted as self evident. For development of significant life extension technologies we are now in the second stage. Even five years ago the scientific consensus was that aging research was interesting but unlikely to lead to anything practical. Now Google is funding it’s Calico life extension startup with hundreds of millions of dollars and a number of other billonaires and Silicon Valley startups are also seriously funding or working on anti-aging research.

At Life Code we have taken the approach of using the scientific knowledge that is already available to develop nutraceutical supplements to help extend both the quality and quantity of life now. Combining these with a healthy diet and exercise program will yield even better results. We want to enjoy life as we get older and not end up shuffling around a nursing home with a walker. We also want to be alive when even more effective anti-aging therapies become available whether from our parent biotechnology companies or from others.

An excellent article with the title Live for ever: Scientists say they?ll soon extend life ?well beyond 120? appeared in the Guardian earlier this year. It gives an overview of some of the high profile people involved with life extension research.