Denise, Australia

I started taking Life Code Stem Cell 100 and a month later Life Code Stem Cell 100 +. If you want to go down the old age pathway then this product is not for you as it does what it says on the bottle: Regain Youth. I was feeling my age 62 I was depressed especially when I looked in the mirror. Since taking Stem Cell 100 and after Stem Cell 100 + I have this great feeling of being super healthy. My hair has a lot of new growth, my face looks younger and so does my body. What can I say I just love these two products. I just could not be without them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Bryant Villeponteau for these amazing products. I am truly thankful. It has taken years of my appearance and I feel so much younger. I am very grateful. My husband Robert buys it for me every month. I love what these products do so that if it were at all possible I would order them by the truckload. Thanks a million. They work.*

Denizio, Brazil

I have used the Stem Cell 100 and found an improvement in my heart rate and blood pressure. I have noticed better blood circulation, improved regularity and I’m sleeping better. I am 50 years old and I’m pretty confident in Stem Cell 100 with it’s pharmaceutical grade ingredients and formula. I gave some capsules to my 84 year old father … and I noticed that he started to sleep better. I bought 3 more bottles of Stem Cell and will take it more frequency. I just thank the whole team at Life Code for providing such a wonderful product for the betterment of our health.*

Josephine, Canada

I have been taking Stem Cell 100 for about a year. Since the introduction of the product into my regime, I have noticed an improvement in my over all energy and stamina. Certain injuries, which have afflicted me for many years (like my shoulder and knee) are finally healing… Thank you Dr. Villeponteau.*

John, Washington

I am a huge Stem Cell 100 fan and have been using this product since it’s inception. Increasingly I am skeptical of efficacy of vitamins and supplements contributing to health and longevity, Stem Cell 100 is one of the few exceptions. I have been impressed with the science backing Stem Cell 100 and fruit fly experiments that improve gene expression and significantly increase the treated fruit flies life expectancy.

I was healthy when I started taking Stem Cell 100 however my HDL/LDL ratios, blood pressure both have improved since taking this. I am also impressed with the Life Code team, they are among the smartest health professionals I know. They keep tweaking the product to make it better which is an amazing thing given the game changing the results that the original Stem Cell 100 offered. Keep up the good work.*

Frank, California

I had white hair on my chest before using Stem Cell 100 and after a few months of its use, my white hairs have diminished.*

Michelangelo, Italy

I have taken Stem Cell 100 and experienced increased energy and a sense of well being and relaxation. I intend to try other products of the same line.*

Greg, California

I take daily both STEM CELL 100 (for 3 years) AND MEMEX 100 (for 1 year). My general cardio fitness has increased (lower blood pressure, heartbeat) and I feel a general sharpening of my mental processes. Friends remark that I don’t seem to age–and I’m 73.*

Gordon, Washington

I have taken Stem Cell 100 for several years. I am an active 79 years old. A massage therapist for people and small animals. Volunteer with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Member of US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Participate in rowing, yoga, Pilates and work with Gingers Pet Rescue. All this thanks to Dr. Villeponteu and his products.*

Maxine, California

My brother has watched this field for years. His interest in your telomere studies lead him to recommend your products. I have only taken your entire product line for 6 months and notice skin changes. I am prone toward cysts and not acne. I have an old (over 10 years) active cyst in my hair that has reduced by 70%. I believe this skin change reflects a simple increase in more effective nutrition. Thank you for your work.*

Steve, New York

The benefits if this product is amazing and I have noticed a new vitality in my health. A recent article regarding the oldest living human being, a 155 year old Dutch woman Hendrikje Van Andel-Schipper, from Holland, after her death they discovered in her blood test that she Andel-Schipper only had two active stem cells at the time of her death from a total of 20,000 that we are born with, so she died because her Telomere lengths had completely shortened and died, so the primary sustenance of life was no longer available in her white blood cells. This proves the importance of maintaining healthy Telomeres and for that reason I would highly recommend Dr. Villeponteau’s Life Code, product Stem Cell 100.*

Javier, Spain

I am taking stem cell 100 and it feels great. I notice more vitality and strength since I started to use it three months ago. Thanks a lot Dr Villeponteau!*

SK, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I have been using Stem Cell 100? for about one year. Initially I noticed a boost in energy level, which now remains steady-hence not noticed I have experienced no adverse effects from taking this product. I heartily recommend Stem Cell 100? and plan to continue on it.*


Stem Cell 100? has made a noticeable difference in me, including turning my gray hair back to its original color, which supposedly is impossible. The reversal of the gray hair to original color began a couple of months after starting the pill. After about 10 months, the gray hair is mostly gone. At the current rate of improvement, I expect my hair to completely be back to its original color within 1 to 2 months. I think my beard will take longer, but it was the first to gray.

Also, my skin became smoother and younger looking. The skin and hair rely heavily on stem cells, and they seem to benefit strongly from this product. I’m so excited about telling people my results because there is nothing that can reverse the graying of hair. It will give me evidence that this supplement thing is really powerful.

Unfortunately, I don’t have before and after pictures because I didn’t read any claims that the product would affect hair color. I would just say that I’m a person who totally believes that it does me no good to imagine things or interpret tings in a way favorable to what I want to believe. When I’m convinced enough to make a statement, you can count on it.*

Joey, California

I am a 48 year old working woman. A friend of mine introduced me to Stem Cell 100?. After taking Stem Cell 100? for about 4 months my anxiety level has really been diminished. It?s a great supplement and I would recommend it to everyone!*

Paul, California

I am an active 61 year old man in excellent health, but had experienced a serious drop in my energy level at the time I enrolled in a 4-month trial of Stem Cell 100?. Within a month, my energy increased noticeably and I began to take to my physical activities (running, cycling) with a renewed enthusiasm and intensity level. My mood began to elevate steadily, and soon I had even lost those few stubborn pounds that had eluded me for years. I am very enthusiastic about Stem Cell 100?. I look forward to continuing with the new, improved formulation, and would not hesitate to recommend it.*

Mike, Texas

After taking the Stem Cell 100? for the last month my sinuses have also cleared, unplugging my ears for the first time since mid September.*

Tom, Australia

Only after about 2-3 weeks of taking Stem Cell 100? my eye sight returned back to a level where I did not need glasses to work on my computer monitors. My eyes had always been good but had started to deteriorate about a year ago where 50% of the time I had to wear my glasses. I was shocked to find the improvement so quick. I found I was less stressed. No other changes to lifestyle yet a measureable difference.

My fingers would sometimes get stiff in the mornings after long days on the keyboard. This stiffness disappeared. Some of my hair is getting darker. I have a full body of hair that had virtually all turned grey but I noticed that some of my hair was starting regrow brown – my original colour. I had some age spots in my left leg that are disappearing. Generally, I feel great.*

Willie, California

As I was sprinting this morning around 6:00am I noticed that I was not hurting anymore! I have been having sore knees, ankles, hamstrings and back for the last couple of years. I usually just ran through it, but I noticed since I have been taking the Stem Cell 100? capsules for about 45 days now, those nagging pains are gone away!*

Paul, Singapore

I used your product for the first time recently just with a view to experiment and see what would happen to me. I have used other supplements in the past also but only this one has had a unique effect on me. My hair has started to re-grow at the forehead line, I had not anticipated this effect it came as a complete surprise. Your supplement has actually re-activated dormant hair follicles. I do have a reasonable head of hair still, but this is a very welcome development. I am very impressed indeed. Family and friends who had not seen me for a few months, as I work away, noticed immediately.*

Robert, California

After using Stem cell 100 for 2 months I began to notice increased stamina during my rather intense workouts as I prepared to compete for The Ringside World Masters Boxing Championship. I was able to increase my routines by almost 30 percent. I am 74 years old.*

Phil, France

I am 45. I do not have any health issues. I am taking care of myself with high quality nutritional supplements and still involved in competitive sports. I am very selective with my products and was only using one brand. I decided after several weeks of study and advice from friends to give Stem Cell 100 a try with a three months supply. Amazingly I noticed in a few weeks improvement with my hair growth. I had no other indication of how effective the product was until I finished my three months supply. Weeks after I ran out of Stem Cell 100 my running performance which had improved while taking it became a bit difficult to maintain. I was not running with the same ease. I have been convinced by the product and will go for a much longer supply using Memex 100 and improved Stem Cell 100 for at least one year to two years to build up further and support the immune system.*


*DIsclaimer: The testimonials reflect the real life experiences written and voluntarily submitted to us by individuals who used our products. Individual results may vary. We do not claim that any individual experience recounted is typical or representative of what any other consumer might experience.